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Freelance journalist writing on design, careers, companion animals, restaurants and business. Creative content provider. Writes for magazines, websites, & blogs.

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Mastering art food photography article
FSR / Rmgt

Mastering the Art of Food Photography - FSR magazine

Mastering the Art of Food Photography - FSR magazin...

Open uri20140619 19867 1t50jy6 article
FSR / Rmgt

Stories to Tell - FSR magazine

Stories to Tell - FSR magazine

Open uri20140602 4475 1s2c53o article
FSR / Rmgt

Restaurant Settings with High-Impact, Low-Maintenance Trees ...

Restaurant Settings with High-Impact, Low-Maintenan...

Open uri20131030 15577 mkzbye article
FSR / Rmgt

Curating Culinary Excellence

Museum restaurants provide an optimum venue for dis...

Open uri20131030 24846 9i1kvj article
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Putting Food Waste to Good Use

Food waste is the No. 1 material that goes into lan...

Open uri20140130 23187 16pp276 article
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The Fundamentals of Fish to Fork

The Fundamentals of Fish to Fork

Open uri20130731 14053 18ldi90 article
FSR / Rmgt

How Does Your Restaurant Garden Grow?

Situated in Nantucket Island’s historic downtown district, American Seasons restaurant is known for its hyper-fresh ingredients and seasonal culinary dishes.
“At American Seasons restaurant, we’ve had...

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Hunt, Gather, Sauté

From the earliest recorded history, our ancestors were hunters and gatherers who foraged for their foodstuffs.
Centuries later, we’ve come full circle and chefs are getting back in touch with their an...

Open uri20130716 22920 j0fsup article
FSR / Rmgt

No Appetite for Noise

Arrowhead Grill's walls feature images on acoustic panels to blunt the noise.
Noise levels and the inability of patrons to hear their dinner mate's conversation are the top complaint of restaurant goe...

FSR / Rmgt

Going Mobile: How To Manage a Mobile Marketing Campaign

As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to consider adding mobile marketing to your business plan.

Open uri20130716 22282 a3bzg2 article
FSR / Rmgt

Hiring Overqualified Employees Helps Restaurants Prosper

These are trying times for anyone seeking work as unemployment figures hovered around 9.1 percent for August of 2011, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
To make matters worse for job se...